I use the tools of drawing and painting to explore the concepts of time, landscape, and shared consciousness. I create obsessive compulsive environments from my own experience, referencing the self-examination of colorfield painting alongside the modern information age. The work utilizes steady, and rhythmic black lines contrasted with careful color associations to allow the viewer to navigate and attribute their own meaning; as if building a vast space for the participants to exist and form a shared story. The works' focus is on the concrete and the ethereal questions that determine our existence and connectivity, by contrasting memory and experience through the lens of meditation and imagination. There is a visual detachment between the participants in the narrative and the mechanically produced marks. The artworks serve as a mirror for the viewer to slip into an entangled consciousness; a shared mysticism of space and form.


Savannah College of Art and Design : Bachelor of Fine Arts : 2000-2005

Fairmount House : Mighty Tight : Philadelphia, PA
Paradigm Gallery : Repeater : Philadelphia, PA


Space1026 : Most Inclined : Philadelphia, PA
James Oliver Gallery : Former Forever : Philadelphia, PA


Space1026 : Philadelphia 2076 : Philadelphia, PA
Paradigm Gallery : Family Reunion II : Philadelphia, PA
Masthead : Welcome to the Jungle : Philadelphia, PA
Paradigm Gallery : Portraits : Philadelphia, PA


La Petite Mort : On Paper (*solo show) : New York, NY
Paradigm Gallery : Scenic Route : Philadelphia, PA 


Elixr : Public Mural : Philadelphia, PA
Sinners Circle : Philadelphia, PA
Paradigm Gallery : Lost Time : Philadelphia, PA 

Select Art Fair : Paradigm Gallery : Miami Art Basil, FL
Bennas : It Might Be Fun : Philadelphia, PA
Orchard : Crush : Boston, MA
American Mortals: Portraits : Philadelphia, PA
B2 : The People We Know : Philadelphia, PA
Lost Atlantis : Dark Green Blanket (*solo show) : Philadelphia, PA
Exit : Deck Heads : Philadelphia, PA
608 Window : Philagrafika independent project - Compound Collective : Philadelphia, PA
Storage Space : The Heart Show : Philadelphia, PA
Reward : Slow Wide Turns (*solo show) : Philadelphia, PA
543 Gallery/URBN headquarters : Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Constitution Center : Lincoln 200 : Philadelphia, PA
Khyber : MERICA : Philadelphia, PA
543 Gallery/URBN headquarters : Compound Warehaus Collective : Philadelphia, PA
AHN|VHS Gallery : Flat File: selected works : Philadelphia, PA
Walnut Room Redux : Buster Bedlington’s Banger for Bills Bills : Philadelphia, PA
Art In The Age of Mechanical Reproduction : The Great Lincoln Memorial Tableaux : Philadelphia, PA
Compound Warehaus : The Shape We’re In : Philadelphia, PA
Amble Gallery : Deck Heads : Philadelphia, PA
Jinxed : The Heart Show : Philadelphia, PA
The Bean : Jason Andrew Turner & Robert Enders : Philadelphia, PA
Black Orchid Gallery : Write Me In Your Marrow (*solo show) : Savannah, GA